Bryan & Brittney Asby
I had the privilege of working with this amazing doctor today and seeing all the incredible healing that he actually does. The privilege to see somebody help with numbness/tingling in hands and feet digestive issues, constipation, mental fatigue, concentration, and much more. It was a true blessing. If you get a chance to visit with this doctor, make sure that you do, because this man is an incredible healer.
Bluenote 61
From Doug Warnock. I have seen 4-5 chiropractors over the last 30 years and unquestionably, Dr. Ali is the most attuned to his patients. His approach is to heal, not simply adjust. I had a 2 centimeter bulge between L5 and S1 that was the most painful experience ever. In a few short weeks, Dr. Ali helped me heal and recover. He has an incredible ability to hone in on the problem areas and enable the body to heal. Thanks much!
Austin Hartley
Very interesting approach. Excellent chiropractor who focuses on the whole body instead of a 5 minute adjustment. Will be back
Mark “Master Goofball” Headrick
Dr. Ali was created to be a healer! His genuine concern, compassion for his patients, and his ability to connect with his patients is undeniable! Dr. Ali (Doc as I so casually call him) is THE example of a well-trained and experienced chiropractor in Zone Technique. Dr. Ali and the Zone Technique is now, and will always be, a integral part of my family's monthly wellness continuum. Personally, on one of my wellness visits where I had 'no complaints' he identified an issue that I have been living with for so long that I simply believed it was just "my body". Needless to say, Doc set my body on its natural healing path, and the issue is completely gone. We are abundantly blessed to have this doctor in our lives. Gratefully, Mark
Francesca Fiorentini
More than just a chiropractic visit. Dr. Ali Chiro has a unique capacity to start the healing process on the body during each session, whatever is the reason you requested a visit. I have experienced that he has a hight knowledge of the body, a meticulous presence regarding perceiving what the body requires, a level or caring for the client that makes you feel at ease despite the discomfort you are experiencing. That's why I would suggest his practise as a therapy part of your living than a momentary fix when required. Very grateful.
Gina Martin
Dr.Ali services have brought healing to my mind, body, soul, and spirit. His zone therapy technique allows the body to continue healing between treatments. As a therapist, I recommend his practice to many of my clients.
Yesenia Benito
When I got here with Dr. Ali, I could barely walk, I had pain in my lower back. Dr. Ali works with the zone technique, which I had never heard of before, but after explaining the technique, I found it very interesting how our body works and can heal itself. I highly recommend that you visit him if you have any pain he can help you. Si necesitan un quiropráctico en McKinney Dr. Ali es el indicado, me ayudó con un dolor que tenia en la espalda, solamente eh tenido tres ajustes y el dolor ya no existe! Se los recomiendo y lo mejor de todo es que también habla español.
Raeanne Hagin
Dr. Ali is amazing. I had lower back issues from an auto accident that I was struggling with and actually went to a different Chiropractor first. My first visit with Dr. Ali, I left pain free in my lower back.
Anita Ortloff
I have had nothing but great experiences with Dr. Ali, I always feel SO MUCH BETTER after a visit. I would be there every day for a treatment if I just could!
Reiki By Lori
Dr Ali is wonderful. He is a great listener and has such a positive attitude and approach to whole health! Thank you Dr. Ali

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