Our Difference

Our Philosophy

Dr. Ali is a chiropractor who believes in results and gets results.

When your body experiences any condition, symptom or pain, it is unbalanced. To resolve these imbalances in the cells and tissues of your body Dr. Ali looks at the root cause of your condition(s), symptoms or pain, then he starts balancing your body with chiropractic adjustments to open proper nerve flow into those areas from which you have been suffering. Dr. Ali also personalizes your sessions by specializing in the 'Zone Technique' which takes your healing to a higher level by balancing one or more of six systems (Glandular, Eliminatory, Nervous, Digestive, Muscular, and Circulatory). These systems are found in specific anatomical locations on the back of your head (skull) that will identify any imbalances in any one of the six systems. Dr. Ali is trained to identify these imbalances and works to restore normal functions in these systems.

The Zone technique is based on the true principles of healing.

Once the brain center starts to send the right signals down the spinal cord into the spinal nerves the tissues of the particular system will respond positively and start the healing process.

Therefore, instead of focusing on short term management of symptoms and “hoping” for improvement of a condition, Dr. Ali focuses on long term recovery based on the healing principles.

Under this unique and timeless healing art patients realize how important it is to achieve a balanced body that functions normally from head to toe and feels normal from head to toe.

Subsequently, after Dr Ali‘s recommendations are completed and results achieved, patients can choose maintenance care based on what they need.

The improvement in symptoms are long lasting and predictable, and NOT temporary.

To further serve the community Dr. Ali is fluent in Spanish and Farsi.

Treatment protocols

In our clinic we don’t have patients commit to long-term high frequencies care for months with up front costs.

However, we do have transparency regarding short term wellness packages saving you time and money with which we can provide you details once you schedule an appointment.

You are free to choose your care based on Dr. Ali’s recommendations and what is best for you both regarding finances and time commitment.

Dr. Ali‘s practice is based on referrals.

As you gain our trust with your wellness and recovery we want you to feel confident to refer loved ones who will also experience the healing difference.

Dr. Ali is relentlessly committed in your health, wellness and results.

What To Expect

Step 1

On your first session expect a new experience in wellness by undergoing a complete past medical history and questions regarding your chief complaint(s). You will also be asked about how your chief complaint affects your activities of daily living.

Step 2

You will undergo a holistic evaluation consistent with muscle testing to determine whether or not your nerves and muscles are connected properly and determine your strength on a scale of 1-10. Then a holistic evaluation of your six brain centers via a Zone evaluation will be performed. This evaluation is only performed by around 800 chiropractors and healers in the world and it gets RESULTS for what you came in for.

Step 3

Once the "primary" brain center (or system) is observed and felt as a "short circuited" system, that system will undergo a series of specific adjustments (at specific levels) to clear the "short circuit" and restore normal function and healing between the patient's brain center and the tissues it controls. The Zone Technique is a core technique and for many patients it is pure healing and restoration of normal function.

Mission statement

"I, Dr. Ali Mostafavi, am committed to the best of my abilities to provide chiropractic care unconditionally with the certainty of positive and lasting results for every single patient who is open and willing to receive the benefits of chiropractic care."

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